implant dentistry journal

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Tooth restoration options continue to get better with time. Many patients now use dental implants as their tooth replacement method, preferred over dentures due to the many enhanced qualities they offer. While implants have been around for more than 20 years already, it’s been in recent years that technology has made them into the amazing option they are today.

The implant dentistry journal is one source of information concerning dental implants and the benefits they bring into a patient’s life. This guide is written by dentists and clinical technicians who know their way around the office, so it’s easy to trust the information that is found inside of this guide. It’s an important read for dentists and for patients who want to use implants to restore their missing tooth or teeth.

Implants look and feel more like natural teeth, which is a benefit that most users appreciate. The implant does not come out of the mouth like dentures, as they’re held in place with a screw that’s attached to the jaw. The implant actually grows into the mouth. You’ll care for an implant in the same manner as any other tooth, although cavities aren’t possible. Staining and discoloration can affect the implant and improper care may impact the surrounding teeth.

implant dentistry journal

Implants last longer than dentures along with offering a more aesthetically appealing style. Anyone who cares about their appearance can appreciate how natural the teeth look. No one will ever know that your tooth isn’t real, unless you choose to tell them that is. Implants protect your smile and confidence and ensure that you have the self-esteem that keeps you going.

If you are missing one or more teeth from your mouth, dental implants could be the perfect restoration method that you are looking for. Talk to your dentist to learn more.