What are the Best Tooth Replacement Options?

Missing a tooth is embarrassing for most people who also find that it impairs their speech and causes trouble eating certain foods. Missing more than one tooth only causes more hardship for the individual. Luckily, a visit to the dentist helps you find a solution for your missing tooth/teeth needs.

When to Use Partial Dentures

Most people use Partial dentures if they’re missing just one tooth. Partials attach to the surrounding teeth using a metal bracket. They stay in place securely but can easily be removed to clean the mouth and teeth. Partials are also the most inexpensive of the tooth restoration options.

Do You Need a Full Set of Dentures?

Full dentures are needed when a person is missing all of their upper or lower or both sets of teeth. Full dentures are false teeth put onto a gum holder shaped to the person’s mouth. They’re held in the mouth using a special denture adhesive or other products. Some people don’t like dentures because it makes eating certain foods difficult and the teeth may fall out of the mouth.

A Look at Dental Implants

Partial denturesworry of embarrassment

Dental implants are another option for tooth replacement, but one of the most expensive choices around. The dental implant is attached to the jaw using a titanium screw where it stays in place at all times. There are no restrictions on the foods that you can eat when partials are in place and no worry of embarrassment in the event the teeth fall out of your mouth.

The Best Replacement Option

Which tooth restoration option is best suited for your needs? Visit the dentist to find out the answer. He’ll examine your mouth and consider your wishes to better decide which of the tooth restoration options is best suited for your needs. Each of the restoration methods discussed here has pros and cons which you should consider. The dentist will help you learn more about each of the tooth replacement options to make the decision a little bit easier.

Who Offers Tooth Replacement Services?

A visit to the cosmetic dentist is in store if you need tooth restoration/replacement options. The general dentist takes care of the mouth’s health while the cosmetic dentist focuses his services on the appearance of the mouth. There are many cosmetic dentists in the area. Compare the options if you do not already have a dentist in mind. Look for a cosmetic dentist that is recommended by others, experienced and certified, professional, and who accept your insurance or has the payment plans that work best for your needs.

The Bottom Line

A cosmetic dentist can help you smile without worry or hesitation once again, thanks to the multitude of tooth restoration methods out there. The three restoration techniques above are the most popular options. Which technique is best for you? Talk to the dentist and find out. You deserve a smile that makes you happy and a dentist helps make that happen.